Horizontal Fencing

shapeimage_1There has been a renewed interest in wood fencing. In particular, Horizontal Clear Redwood. Straight Gate Fence Co. has worked with this material for many years in the Santa Monica-Venice Area. Now we are seeing a resurgence of this type of fencing in the Long Beach-Coastal Area. This type of fencing has many benefits including: longevity, beauty, and value.

Horizontal Fencing can be used in many applications such as perimeter fencing and gates. Horizontal boards can be placed with varying spacings to allow air flow. Boards can be of differing widths to add dimension.

Here at Straight Gate Fence Co. we weatherproof all materials prior to installation. This is a key step in providing our customers with a fence they can enjoy for years to come.


Richard Alarcon

Straight Gate Fence Co.



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